Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I love about this picture is the amount of quiet energy that moves through it. I sat at this pond for quite a few minutes, just watching the water silently ripple around the lily pads.

Do I really need to explain what's beautiful about this?

In Chicago, I find this kind of expression does not exist. There are a number of street performers in Chicago, don't get me wrong. But there is a sadness to them, a quiet desperation as they plead for your attention.
With these fine gentleman, you could hear the jubilation in their song -- their passion for expression, their joy in sharing their gift with the people and just the gratitude for being able to be present and completely in the moment on this day.
I found it beautiful.

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  1. you are rite...Even I was amused by the street performers in Spain...they are extremely gifted with talents.. In a particular avenue, these people stall themselves, and express their gifted talents ranging from exactly making a portrait of a person or a cartoon of a person, actions and many more.....
    they have to be greeted and welcomed...