Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beautiful Things

And welcome.

Welcome to my newest blog, which will be titled, Beautiful Things. This past weekend, I turned 25 years old. And for some reason or another I have been incredibly affected by this birthday. I have made a decision that this is the year my life begins, the decisions that I have had to "wait" to make, will be made by the time I turn 26.

The past week, I found myself incredibly down. I'm not sure whether it's because I feel settled or staid, or if it's because I'm restless or maybe even it's because I'm feeling burned out. But I made a decision that I would take my brand new camera and find at least 1 beautiful thing everyday to take a picture of and post on this blog.

The next few posts will be a culmination of the pictures from the last week. I hope you enjoy my beautiful things, and the journey I will hopefully take throughout the next year as I find my way back to my goals and my future. And I challenge you to find your beautiful things everyday.

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